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Book Review: Bringing Lucy Home

Confession:  I’m not really sure what goes into a book review.  I actually asked Google, “what makes a book review good”, but then decided to just go at it on my own.  I guess I should have mentioned my lack of book… Read More

obviously, I’m a history nerd

1920’s – The Roaring Twenties A time of economic boom, people living life to the fullest, most completely unaware of what is to come. 1930’s – The Great Depression The shiny bubble of false security pops.  Devastation.  Loss.  Pain. 1940’s – World… Read More

the disconnect (a painful football metaphor)

Confession: I don’t know a whole lot about football. I mean, I know the basics, but when I’m watching a game (and I do use the word “watching” very loosely..) with the Hubs and he yells “offsides”…. well… I didn’t catch that…. Read More