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Created for Care {2016 thoughts}

It’s difficult to process something like the experience I had this weekend.  There are so many layers to it; peeling them off needs to be done gently and with care as to not disturb all that I want my less-than-stellar memory to… Read More

fear of heights

My palms sweat, you know, when I am up high. If I even see a picture of someone sitting near the edge of a mountain top… my heart rate elevates, I have to breathe deeply and look away. When I was a… Read More

Worship Journaling

Everybody is busy. Everyone has a packed schedule… or at least, that’s how it seems right now! I remember the days before I had children in school, and how full those days were.  I never anticipated the ramping up of intensity that… Read More

Relationship before Rules

Part of the adoption process is going through a lot of training.  A lot. Which is good, because this will be a big change for our family!  A BIG one! One of the training modules spoke about something that has really stuck… Read More

“what if”

I’m not normally a “what-if-er”.  I know the type because I have been the type. Over time I’ve realized that what-if-ing is just a BIG. FAT. WASTE. OF. TIME. And then, our adoption process began. And our home-building process began. AND we… Read More

Jesus & Hello Kitty

I recently returned from my third trip to Reynosa, Mexico.  I went as a part of a church group that had two goals. One:  build two houses for families in need. Two:  share the love of Jesus. Both goals were achieved. The… Read More


I will warn you that this is my thoughts while sitting in my flowered chair after trying to watch the news.  There are no citations given, but if you want them, just let me know & I can send them along.  This… Read More

worship: an act of will

Ya know, I don’t really LOOOOOVE everything I have to do on a daily basis.  I’ll admit, unlike most ladies, I DO enjoy cleaning the bathrooms… or anything else having to do with the smell of bleach. (I know, I know… weird…)… Read More