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halfway through the summer with EB

Caring for a child with Epidermolysis Bullosa is one of these things that requires a pretty hefty learning curve.  As we are now 5 months home with Julianne, we’re still very much in the learning stage.  I mean, we do have a… Read More

on fire

Today is one of those difficult days in the adoption waiting process.  Most days are good; although the wait is never EASY, it’s not all-consuming.  Every now and then a day arrives in which I battle the constant temptation to dwell on… Read More


In my car this evening, and I was the only one.  This experience is a rare one;  to just be me.  No kids.  No noise. No chatter.  Nothing. JUST. ME. I rounded a curve in the road and gasped because the moon… Read More

a mini-adoption update!

Finally!  I finally have some good news to report! At least once a day, a sweet friend asks if we have any news about our adoption process.  And, for the past 76 days, I haven’t.  Just waiting.  And waiting.  And then waiting… Read More