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July Gifts {Day Nine}

Did you notice that I didn’t really do a “gift” day yesterday?  True story.  And, that’s okay.  Three gifts of water seems easy, but when you live in Texas, and it’s July, the only thing I could think of was the pool…. Read More

I cannot make this stuff up. Not even if I tried. Part 3.

A post full of Eli-isms.  That boy really can come up with the most adult/random/funny things to say.  What’s best is that he always says these things in the most serious of tones… 1.  Worldy-Wise Brady: talking to Eli about something random… Read More

I cannot make this stuff up… Part 2

Here are the next 5  (actually 6) crazy things that have been heard around the house.  For the first five, click here. This set actually ended up being all Brady-isms.  Age 3 has been a good year for random funnies from him!… Read More

“climbing out of the crib” OR… “a one-way trip to Crazy-town”

Toot toot!!!  Allllll aboard! I have known for a while that my life is a bit of a crazy train.  We go here, we go there, and we always go crazy.  Life with three kids has been one of the most unexpectedly… Read More

Funny for the day…

Last year I worked on the difference between consonants and vowels with Rachel. Apparently, Eli was listening in because today he told me his class at preschool is called ” the vowels”. They are actually the “owls”, but he is convinced that… Read More

meet Fifi

Eli’s newest little thing is to say “Fifi” about things.  It’s weird, random, and a little annoying after a while.  I’m not even sure what he’s talking about. Until, today. Today, I found out that “Fifi” is a blue penguin. I’m guessing… Read More

how bad do you feel?

My poor family has been dealing with illness after illness this summer. We’ve had viruses (stomach and the common cold) We’ve had pink eye (that one is still going on…) We’ve had headaches, sore throats, stuffy sinuses… This morning my daughter woke… Read More