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house rules

We have a house rule regarding shoes.  Don’t wear them in the house. It started when we lived in our old house, which had considerably more carpet than our current house.  When we started to discover the extent of my middle child’s… Read More

why you should never pick your nose in public

Why not???  Because SOMEONE will see you. Several years ago, while teaching middle school, I had a student who liked to “sneak a pick” as I called it during class.  One day, I had the misfortune to not only catch the “pick”,… Read More

Sometimes He speaks in a still small voice. Sometimes He shuts down your computer?

Have you ever had an experience where you absolutely, without a doubt, knew that God was trying to tell you something?  I have before, and did again a few nights ago.  Let me explain. So, I went to book club, had a… Read More

ahh, little adolf

Previously, I mentioned my dislike for “original” names.  I think they are kind of goofy.  I’m not going to go on a long rampage against originality, but really, don’t people think about the future when they choose these things? Today, there was… Read More