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*nearly* wordless Wednesday

Because, I’m not very good at “wordless”… I snapped this pic, because these moments are the ones I need to imprint on my mind… These two.  They are buddies. Sometimes. Other times?  They are mortal enemies. So when they sit together, and snuggle under the same blanket without fighting about who has more blanket coverage, …

Wordless Wednesday: Julianne!!

Wordless Wednesday: when I step on a Lego I feel… (and you?)

Wordless Wednesday: Happy Birthday!

Today is my Brady-boy’s FOURTH birthday!    

(mostly) Wordless Wednesday: little gymnast

Today marks one year since the day Rachel broke her arm!  I’m not so much reliving the day as celebrating that we’ve made it through a year since then with ZERO major injuries!  Woohoo! Then: Now:

Wordless Wednesday: blue skies after days of gray…