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family worship {what I’ve learned}

A few weeks ago, the Hubs and I made the decision to start being more intentional about worshipping together as a family.  It’s something we’ve both wanted to do, but for various reasons, really hadn’t tried and stuck with it. There are… Read More

July Gifts {Day 3}

A gift in FAMILY, FAITH, FREEDOM.  Just one?  Ugh.  Too many that I love.  🙂 It’s hard to catch this boy being still… but I love this picture from a family worship time.  Pajamas, loud praise music, laughter, dancing.  All in the presence… Read More

meet me here

We moved next into the living room.  This was a quiet, comfortable room with a warm atmosphere.  I liked it.  It had a fireplace, sofa, overstuffed chairs, a bookcase and an intimate atmosphere. He also seemed pleased by it.  He said, “Indeed,… Read More


I am making this the theme song for our adoption process. I love love love the way is speaks to what my heart NEEDS to hear, the way it describes where we have been, and where we will go, the way it… Read More

Worship Journaling

Everybody is busy. Everyone has a packed schedule… or at least, that’s how it seems right now! I remember the days before I had children in school, and how full those days were.  I never anticipated the ramping up of intensity that… Read More

You Make Me Brave

I recently downloaded the You Make Me Brave album… and there are a few songs that I’m really loving right now. My very favorite isn’t available on Youtube yet… but trust me, once it is, I will be posting it! This one… Read More

no comparison

I’ve been reading off and on in the Old Testament prophets for a while.  And, man!  Those guys are INTENSE! To completely devote yourself to listening to the voice of the Lord and then communicating what he has to say, all the… Read More

worship: an act of will

Ya know, I don’t really LOOOOOVE everything I have to do on a daily basis.  I’ll admit, unlike most ladies, I DO enjoy cleaning the bathrooms… or anything else having to do with the smell of bleach. (I know, I know… weird…)… Read More